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The cultural branding campaign was our first project in our capstone course. The Cultural Branding Campaign talks about how the book “How Brands Become Icons”, exposed in the world of “A Thousand Splendid Suns” across three different myth markets. This campaign was based in Afghanistan, because the book talked about the situation there, and we were asked to created a business and market it across three different myth markets. To know more about our campaign press below.

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Simulation project

The strategic marketing simulation was our second project for the Fall Semester. The report provided below talks about our company Ride 1, and how it performed through out the 8 quarters provided. To know more about our company and its performance press on read more.

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Final senior project

Marketing Plan Campaign is our final project that we did for the fall semester. This campaign talks about our non profit organization "Aimer", the word Aimer means to spread love in french, and this is what we do we spread love, happiness, and joy to the low class labor. This campaign was so meaningful to us and it was our first charitable experience. To know more of what we did press below.

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