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Hello, welcome to our website. We are senior marketing students at the American University in Dubai. We are a team of three boys (Mutasem Kutteini, Mohammed al Ghandour, and Timur Dorofeev) and a girl (Joanna Ghorayeb). We are all majoring in Marketing, and this website was made to join our three different campaigns that we made in our capstone course with Dr. Ode Amaize.

Team: Welcome


Team: Service


Joanna is a 21 years old student, she was born in Texas, US. Her parents are Lebanese, and she lived her entire life in Dubai. She is a passionate young girl that aims to grow and be successful in her life. Lately, she was chosen to be a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma, which is a community that honors the best business people around the world. Joanna aims to own her own restaurant one day, that would provide her own recipes.


Mutasem is a 27 years old student, he was born and raised in Syria. He moved to Dubai in 2012, as he left Syria when the war started. When he left Syria, he only had 3 more courses to graduate, but he could not complete them because of the situation. So he moved to Dubai, and enrolled at AUD and started his Bachelor Degree from the beginning. He is a strong person that could face any issue, and he aims to be a successful CEO, and own his own business one day.


Timur is a 22 years old student, he comes from a mixed culture, as his dad is from Afghanistan and his mother is from Russia. He was raised in Russia, and he moved to Dubai to study for his Bachelor Degree. He has his own goals, as after graduating he wants to move back to Russia and help his father with his work, as he has his own plans to make his family business more successful and let grow.


Mohammed is a 22 years old student, his is Palestinian. He was born and raised in Dubai. Mohammed is a passionate person, as he has been running out his family ceramics business for the past two years, and he is still willing to do so after his graduations. However, he is also willing to work at the same time in a multinational company to gain more experiences later on in the future.

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